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Herald Celebrates Year-Round Bicycling in Provo

Wet butt in the makingThe Daily Herald recently ran an article about year-round cyclists in the city. The article featured Provo Bicyclist Committee member Jennifer Peck and her Electra Townie:

“Like many people, Peck spends most of her days in an office, in her case working on the front lines of Utah’s legal system. But when the court parking lot fills up on busy days, Peck never has trouble finding a place to park. When the inversion smothers the valley in exhaust, Peck knows she’s not contributing to the problem. And, she said with a chuckle, riding a bike is a little bit of forced exercise every day.

Peck not only commutes via bicycle, she also relies on it as her primary mode of transportation. And when she can’t bike to her destination she takes the bus or catches a ride with a friend. For years now, she hasn’t even owned a car.”

Many local cyclists aren’t afraid to ride through a bit of rain or snow. But, this winter has been so spring-like that the bike lanes are filled daily with happy-go-lucky riders enjoying the sun.

A big thanks to Jennifer Peck and committee chairman Zac Whitmore for making January cycling more tempting to Provo riders.

Creative Commons License photo credit: bradhoc

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