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Hey Provo Cyclists, Is That Air You’re Breathing Really Safe?

Aamusumussa 2.10.2011
As winter (sort of) gets underway, this is just a reminder about how important it is for valley cyclists to keep track of air quality.

Provo usually has pretty decent air. But, because of the inversion in the valley, on some days we have the worst air in the nation. On these days, residents are encouraged to avoid using their cars and further contributing to the problem. However, it is also unsafe to do laborious physical exercise outdoors. (I’m not exaggerating here. Schools keep kids inside. And, if you go for a wild bike ride, your lungs will be seriously displeased).

To check the Provo air quality forecast, you can always take a look at

The bad news is that you can’t ride on bad air quality days. The good news is that by riding a bike instead of driving on good air quality days, you can help eliminate the pollution problem in the valley and make the air cleaner for all of us to breathe. Thanks for riding!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Aken kuvia

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