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How Has Provo Bike Week Gone So Far?

Despite the rain, Provo Bike Week has been a blast.

On Tuesday night, ten or so cyclists braved the elements to come to a (now indoors) showing of Quicksilver (a movie with an actual bike / car chase) and a well-made documentary about Provo’s Critical Mass ride. The documentary maker was even on hand to talk about his project, and we’re hoping that he’ll do an update about bikes in Provo now that several years have passed.

Today, students rode their bikes to BYU for bike-to-school day and enjoyed free tune-ups compliments of the Provo Bicycle Committee. Committee Chairman Zac Whitmore also put on a free bike tune-up clinic at Joaquin park this evening, where I’m told he helped get quite a few bikes ready for the summer season. Thanks, Zac!

Bike Week isn’t over yet folks, be sure to check out all of the events on our Bike Week Schedule.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dno1967b

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  1. Five hours in the rain. Almost 50 bikes tuned and running. It was a blast! Also the tune-up clinic ended up moving to my house where we finished up and had hot chocolate/bike cookies. Thanks to all those who came out.

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