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How to Plan a Provo Bicycle Rodeo

Bicycle Rodeos are all the rage this summer. The Bike Committee has been lending a hand at rodeos for scouts, elementary schools, and other groups looking to teach young bike riders how to stay safe and have fun on the road.

Bike rodeos inspire the Provo transportational cyclists of tomorrow to develop a love of two wheels. They also help families learn how to get more involved with cycling in our city and discover new ways to get off the couch and into the sunshine together. (mmm…cycling in the sunshine sounds sort of delicious as I’m writing this from my own post on the couch…)

If you’re thinking about planning a bicycle rodeo for your own group, you’re in luck. There are many no-cost resources available including a borrowable rodeo kit, free tune-ups from Bike Committee members, downloadable rodeo guides and more. This new article will help you plan a rodeo to remember!

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