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Huge News: Funding for the Frontrunner Ped / Bike Overpass Secured

Happy dance time. The much-needed ped / bike overpass to the Frontrunner station has received funding!

As explained by Mayor Curtis, the overpass was selected for funding as a part of the competitive TIGER grant process.

More than 30 communities worked together with regional transportation planning offices, UDOT, UTA local leaders to be chosen out of 585 other applications.

The exact plans aren’t finalized, but take a look at this awesome rendering of a Provo ped / bike bridge from the imaginations of Urban Design Associates working with the Giv Group.timthumb-1

No more climbing between freight trains to get to the Frontrunner station (dangerous!) or missing your commute. You guys showed up at UTA community meetings, talked to MAG reps at bicycle committee meetings, and sent a clear message with survey responses and emails. Thanks for speaking up, everyone!

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