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Important Meeting This Tuesday (Aug. 2)

Remember how 500W has no shoulder half the way through Provo, and how 900E is sort of a death wish, or how University Ave. needs bike lanes? Yeah me to, and tomorrow all the people and planners who are in charge of these and many other roads will be in one room listening to public feedback on the future planning of Provo. Here is the info:

Where: Historic Courthouse (outside) on University and Center. Meeting will move to first floor of courthouse if weather is bad.

When: Tuesday, August 2nd (That is this Tuesday), 4:30pm-6:30pm.

What: From the flyer; “How are we are doing planning the future transportation system? What could we do better? We are holding a public meeting so you can give your comments on the planning process. Tell us your suggestions on how to improve our community’s mobility.”

Who: Mountainland Association of Government, UDOT, UTA, and federal planning staff i.e. Everyone who make decisions for certain key roads in Provo.

I work as a full time (volunteer) bike advocate and in the two years I have been working with these organizations I have not been in a single meeting where all these people are together let alone accepting any feedback a concerned citizen may have. My suggestion to you is do what it takes to come and let them know we want bicycle infastructure in Provo. Plain and simple none of us can afford to miss this meeting. See you all there.

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