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Information on South State St. Multi-User

Last week the city had an open house concerning a multi-user path on the east side of State St. in Provo. The path is proposed to go from 900s to 1860s. It will be a great step in connecting all of Provo cyclists with the businesses on South State as well as starting some connections with Springville. Muriel Xochimitl is one of the leads with the Project Information Team and has been a great help with us as a bicycle community. She has provided all the images on the site which were also at the meeting.

As you can see this project will have a wide effect on this part of Provo. It is nice to see the bicycle consideration come so naturally.

This is the rendering for the multi-user path. We have been informed that there will be a center line on the path so it will have less of that sidewalk feel that can come from concrete.

Finally here is the time line they have envisioned for this project. Hopefully the process will be completed in time to get some riding in on it.

The biggest feedback that was recieved by cyclists was the need for bicycle pedestrian signage on the trail (like the one above). This has a two fold reason. First, it will make the path an obvious path and not just a sidewalk. Second, it will promote better space sharing with all path users. If you would like to comment you can contact the project directly at or give them a call at 801-857-9957. We recommend that if you want signage you should contact them and let them know.

Again a big thanks to the group that put this on, the city engineers and, Mayor Curtis, who were all present and all interested to listen to concerns and feedback.

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  1. Thanks for posting up the digital copy, Zac.

    I went to the meeting too and this looks like a great project for State St. It definitely needs something like this!

  2. I am excited for this in Provo. Here in Madison, multi-use paths use signs like above, but I have found that unless the surface has some sort of markings, people don’t get it. I find myself riding around oblivious foot traffic who are frequently found in the bike lanes. Just a suggestion.

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