Irelynd Capener #bikewalkprovostories Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint when you have to commute to a different city? Irelynd Capener has some tips. “Honestly, my commute – which I used to dread – is now the thing I look forward to.” Everyday, Irelynd rides the Frontrunner to Draper, then takes the Jordan River Parkway trail to her work. “I love having these few minutes to be in nature, spot some cool birds, and just breathe the fresh air.” Irelynd has seen ridership on the train increase during Free Fare February. “It’s definitely busier this month, and I’m so glad – I know having free fares as a student has been a huge benefit to me and I hope we can find ways to continue to expand free or reduced fares to everyone.” On what could be improved? “I would love to see more Frontrunner departure times. I sometimes have to leave early or work late to catch a train. The every half hour schedule is so helpful, I’d love to have that expanded. Plus, Sunday service on Frontrunner! I sometimes work on the weekend, and not having the public transit option is pretty difficult.” We encourage you to join Irelynd this Free Fare February and try a new way to commute via UTA.

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