Let’s Get Provo Companies Recognized as Bicycle-Friendly Businesses


Can you do us a favor right now: reach out to a Provo company you know and ask them to check out this post and fill out the League of American Cyclist’s application to be recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Business by Thursday, June 12th?

Talk to your boss, message the company on Facebook, or mention it when you stop by the office. All the company has to do is fill out a form online. Easy, peasy. An hour or two of collecting information and filling out the application form, and a Provo company is on its way to receiving recognition.

Why would a Provo company want to fill out the form? There are a lot of good reasons:

– Being recognized as Bicycle-Friendly Business puts companies in the spotlight. Positive recognition from this national organization lets everyone know what a good place your company is to work. It can be used to attract future employees, distinguish yourself from competitors, and showcase your commitment to a positive workplace culture. If you receive recognition, your company will be given an award from the League of American Bicyclists, they’ll put out a formal national press release for you, and you will be profiled on the League website as well as an annual publication of winners.

– If you simply fill out the form, the League of American Cyclists will return the favor by providing you with personalized feedback and suggestions for how to become even more bicycle friendly. You certainly aren’t obligated to jump on their suggestions, but the feedback can help you learn what other companies are doing and get some ideas for the future.

– Recognition will help you become a part of Provo’s growing bicycle culture. Provo is becoming significantly more bicycle-friendly and more employees are looking for jobs that make it easy for them to bike to work. We’ll feature newly minted Bicycle-Friendly Businesses here on BikeProvo.org and on our Facebook page.

– It’s totally free. Just filling out a form can lead to free advertising, free feedback, free good will.

Please, get started now. You can check out this PDF preview application if you want to see what you’ll be asked first. (Also, when you’re asked if your business is located in a Bicycle-Friendly Community…if your business is in Provo, the answer is “yes”!)

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