Letter-writing Campaign in Support of 900 East UVX Stop

There is a gap in the Provo/Orem UVX bus rapid transit line. Original plans called for a stop on 900 East near the BYU Creamery and Heritage Halls student housing. However, neighborhood opposition killed it and left a one-mile gap in the line at a key area with thousands of likely riders.

In partnership with residents of the Wasatch, Foothills, and Oak Hills neighborhood, BikeWalk Provo has collected signatures of 212 residents of those neighborhoods who are in support of the bus stop–many opinions have changed since the BRT system has been put in place.

Neither BYU, UTA, nor Provo City have made any indication that they will be building this stop–each is passing the buck (hence the Spiderman meme).

We are now calling on Provo City Government to take the lead on partnering with UTA and BYU on building the 900 East UVX stop, ideally during the construction of the BYU Music Building to save taxpayer money.

Please join us in this letter writing campaign!

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