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Monday Family Rides Now in Provo!

Bike Trailer
Creative Commons License photo credit: Aaron Orchid Bucky

You may all remember that BikeProvo went on the MadDog Cycles family ride last year (if not read this). When we were there we asked owner Randal Gibb if he was planning on doing the same thing from his Provo shop. It turns out we were not the only ones who wanted a family ride in Provo. As a result MadDog is now offering a family ride to all of us in Provo. Here is the information from the Facebook Event.

When: Every Monday (starting this Monday April 4th) 6pm-9pm

Where: Leaving from the MadDog Provo Shop (450N 900E)

What: That’s right, you read correct, we are officially starting up family rides at our Provo location. Grab your bicycle, your closest family (friends count you do not need kids or a marriage license), and get ready for a fun ride. We will be riding from the Provo shop to a nearby park where we will meet up with the ride that will be coming from Orem. These rides have a nice slow pace so the little ones can keep up and everyone can have a great time. See all you Provoites there.

(Little ones should be able to ride up to 5 miles or, be attached by trailer/seat and EVERYONE MUST HAVE HELMETS)

If this ride is going to be anything like the Orem ride which, I am sure it will be, you will find me and my family there every week. These rides are a great opportunity to meet other cycling moms, dads, kids, and students, not to mention getting more people aware that families and, everyday people not just Lance Armstrong ride bicycles.

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