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New App from BikeUtah

Ever been riding your bike and wondered if you could take the lane on a particular road, or if the car that just buzzed you could get in trouble for passing too closely? Well guess what there is an app for that. BikeUtah our state wide bicycle advocacy group has put together a great little app (iPhone and iPad for now), which ties you into all the cycling laws for Utah, different events happening around the state, as well as all of BikeUtah’s social/online communities.

I like the app for how simple it is, and how quickly you can access key information and social connections to riding around. It provides a great base for any rider to learn more and get more connected on the state level. It would be really neat to see the events section expand to all cycling events around the state, and to highlight events in the exact place that you find yourself. This could be done by a city selector, or by using the location service which the app already accesses. How awesome would it be to be in Moab and check out your handy BikeUtah app to connect with riders and rides there in Moab? I think it would be super awesome! Not only could we expand connections between cyclists in the state, but we could also get more people on the app more often which would keep more of us in the loop on national and state wide issues.

Overall this is a great app which I recommend everyone getting. You can download the app for free at the App Store.

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