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New Bicycle Trail Announed: Orem to Point of the Mountain

Riders, it’s time to get excited! A new bicycle / pedestrian trail has been announced that will take riders from Orem to the point of the mountain. The Daily Herald reports:

“The 15-foot-wide paved portion of the trail will include three paved lanes for non-motorized use — a bike lane in each direction and a pedestrian lane. Nearby will be an unpaved equestrian trail…

The trail will boast restrooms and drinking fountains at key locations, and mile markers for joggers and walkers.”

Best of all, the new 16-mile trail will connect with our beloved Provo River Parkway Trail, making it easy for Provo cyclists to go all the way to the point of the mountain on a paved, car-free trail.

The new trail is a part of the ongoing Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure Project and cylists an expect to see trail construction begin this spring. It may sound cheesy, but my beagle and I jumped around the house in celebration and treated ourselves to icecream / a rawhide bone when we read about this project. This is going to be HUGE for our area and the surrounding cities. Oh happy day!

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  1. Is this going to connect the Jordan River path and the Provo/Orem segments together??

    That would be great to finally get on the riding path in Lehi at the point and ride all the way to provo on it!!

    Or is this unrelated, and if it is why waste the moeny on a new route when there is one just waiting to be paved?

    1. I believe this path will connect in with the Provo River trail. And yes it is going to be great to get this type of connectivity.

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