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New Bike Lanes on 100 South!

Have you checked out the new bike lanes on 100 South? Brave the chill and take a little ride from 100 E. to 500 W. The lanes don’t seem to have little bicycle symbols yet, but perhaps those are yet to come?

A huge shout out to Provo’s engineering department – thanks for having the foresight to add these bike lanes when repaving the street. They are a great addition and give cyclists a very convenient way to get downtown without having to brave the narrow-lanes-no-sidewalk-riding aspects of Center Street.

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  1. yay! Those look great! Building bike infrastructure is a process that only works if you get started trying things and finding out what’s best for your city. This is a wonderful start. It would be great to see a network of bike lanes installed on secondary streets like 100 S that would allow cyclists to get from one side of Provo to the other without having to brave utahs infamous commercial streets. I’d love to see some of Provo’s streets narrowed and more trees put in, and then maybe some great big sharrows!
    by the way, check out the new film about bike boulevards on
    happy for you!

  2. Thanks Jeff. But the real praise goes out to the City Council, Engineers, and all the citizens that spoke up to have bikes be a higher priority. Yeah for Provo and bicycles.

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