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New Provo Bicycle Lanes This Summer

bike lanes 1
“If we build them, people will come … and bicycle”

At the last monthly Provo Bicycle Committee meeting, the city engineering informed us what roads would be blessed with bicycle facility improvements this summer. Most are the result of road repaving projects and correspond to what is called for by the city’s newly adopted Bicycle Master Plan. Here is the list:

– Bike lanes have already been painted in on 600 South (from 1600 W to 1100 W) and on 1100 W (from 600 S to 1560 S)

new lanes 1

new lanes 3

– Bike lanes are likely to be painted in on 1150 South (from 1600 W and 1100 W) pending a decision about removing some on-street parking

– Bike lanes on Canyon Rd (from Foothill to University Ave)

– Marked road shareway on 2320 North (from 2200 N to Timpview Dr) and 2230 North (from University Ave to Canyon Rd)

– Bike lanes on 2230 North (from Canyon to 2320 N)

– Bike lanes on 2200 North (from N Temple to 2300 N)

– Even though road work is taking place on 900 East, bicycle improvements will wait until BRT construction begins

– Roadwork will occur on Freedom Boulevard this summer (from 200 N to Bulldog) but there is no room for lanes. The Committee has proposed putting lanes in on 100 West (from 800 N to Center) where there is plenty of width so on-street parking would not be impacted.

That’s it. Enjoy the ride–it will be safer and more pleasant thanks to Engineering and the efforts of the Committee.

Post by Aaron Skabelund, Chair of the Provo Bicycle Committee. Thanks to Joli for the new lane photography.

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  1. I wonder where the bike lanes will go on Canyon Drive south of 2230 North. Those car lanes seem to extend right up to the curbs on either side with no room for expansion.

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