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Night Ride and a Movie

The Wednesday night riders are riding again tonight, but a bit earlier. Meet in the north parking lot of the Provo City Library at 8:30 pm. Also, this ride has a destination: the dollar theater to watch Toy Story 3. Join some fellow bikers and enjoy the clear weather.

By Carol Ann

Carol Ann is a BYU grad student, studying Teacher Education and working part time at a local charter school. A bike enthusiast, Carol Ann grew up riding bikes with her family and to summer swim team every day in her hometown Boise, Idaho. She hopes bikes will have a safe existence in Provo and with better relations between bikes and cars. Carol Ann rides her grandfather's '70's blue Schwinn cruiser bike and a burgundy Peugeot 10-speed. You can spot her a mile away with her baby blue helmet. She claims she wears it to honor her parents.

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