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Orem Adopts Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Last week, the Orem Municipal Council approved a forward-thinking Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The exciting new plan had been in the works for months and was created with the input of hundreds of residents:

The Daily Herald reports:

“In total, the Orem Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan recommends nearly 16 miles of new sidewalk, 12 intersection improvements, 17 miles of new paved shared-use pathways, 56 miles of new bike lanes and 23 miles of new bicycle routes.

Since the plan’s beginning, community involvement has played a large part. Initially a survey was developed to gather information from Orem residents about existing bicycle and pedestrian behavior and the need for improvements. Nearly 900 residents participated.”

Orem residents will start seeing the first phase of new bike lanes and paths within the next year. Many leaders and dedicated cyclists worked tirelessly to put this plan in motion. Good job, Orem!

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  1. I was able to be at this meeting and it was incredible how excited all the city officials were about the plan. Good on ya Orem!

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