We’d like to highlight @provocity Councilman @georgebhandley. He practices what he preaches. “When I was first elected, I committed to riding my bike to most city meetings. I kept that commitment. Then UVX came on board and I committed to using that instead. I love UVX. As I am now the proud owner of an eBike, I use it as well to travel to all of my city meetings, even in cold weather. I love it. I am doing my part and hope you do as well so that we keep our emissions down and our air quality up. I am averaging about 150 miles per month commuting on my bike.”

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Here’s a picture of a raised crosswalk that exists in Alpine, UT (yes, it can be done) to remind you that Provo City’s Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee meeting is today at 12:30pm and the committee members will be reviewing Public Works’ new Transportation Master Plan. The public is welcome to attend but not to comment.

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This Thanksgiving we’re thankful for the hardworking first responders and snowplow drivers of @provocity. With two major fires, a rollover crash and power outage, and lots of snow to plow, they’ve been busy. To say thanks, we plowed the bike lanes at Cougar Boulevard. We didn’t have the nice snowplow ATV they have so we did it by hand with shovels, but it worked out. People will be glad tomorrow to have a clear bike lane. @provopolicedepartment @provofirerescue

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