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Pedal Powered Smoothies Anyone?

Pedal-Powered Smoothie Blender
Creative Commons License photo credit: Iburiedpaul

This Monday (5/31) at MadDog Cycles in Provo (936E 450N Provo) from 10am-4pm the Provo Bicycle Committee is going to be pedaling smoothies as a fundraiser for the Committee. Make sure to take some time and ride your bike over to support the Committee in making Provo a better place to live. Smoothies will be sold for $3-5 dollars. See you there.

p.s. Make sure to put this up on your Facebooks, Live Journals, Smoke Signals, or whatever it is the kids are using these days.

2 replies on “Pedal Powered Smoothies Anyone?”

Yay! Who doesn’t love smoothies, especially smoothies that promote such a good cause and rely on the slave labor of volunteers rather than electricity? They taste at least three times as good as those made in a boring old kitchenaid blender. ;o)

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