Provo Bicycle Collective

Please Support the Provo Bicycle Collective


For the last few years, the Provo Bicycle Collective has been an essential part of the local bicycling community. They’ve orchestrated free bicycle parking at the Farmer’s market, gone into our schools to help K-12 students build their own bikes, provided workshops for beginning cyclists, and (of course) offered a non-profit workshop for hundreds of residents to repair or build bicycles.

But, they need our help.

The collective is run by volunteers, receives no government funding, and is able to keep their doors open through donations from their patrons. However, the winter can be a particularly hard time for the little shop to survive. Can we all pitch in and donate what we can to help them keep providing these needful services to the community? We love these guys…they’ve done so much for Provo so let’s show them that we care!

Please make a donation on their GoFundMe page and spread the word.

Video thanks to Trevor Christensen.

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