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Provo Bicycle Committee Presents to Provo City Council

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On January 19, the Provo Bicycle Committee presented to the city council during its work session.

In case you didn’t catch it, the highlights were:

– We thanked the council and administration for their support to make Provo more bicycle friendly.

– We offered to periodically have the committee report to the council and/or to TMAC.

– We emphasized that our efforts to make Provo bicycle friendly are fundamentally about improving the Provo’s quality of life.

– We noted the specific quality of life benefits of being bicycle friendly: reducing air pollution; reducing congestion and parking pressures; calming traffic; boosting economic vibrancy and making it easier for employers to recruit and retain highly educated, tech savvy employees, especially millennials, by providing residents with transportation options; and encouraging active lifestyles that improve the health and happiness of the community.

– We provided an overview of the accomplishments of the bicycle community last year, and encouraged Provo to send a delegation to Fort Collins, a platinum-level bicycle-friendly city that Provo could learn a lot from not just in terms of bicycling, but also in terms of parking, transit (BRT), and other quality of life issues.

– We also encouraged the city to support more tactical urbanist events like the one held in the Joaquin Neighborhood last June.

– Finally, we urged the council to do three specific things to more aggressively implement the Bicycle Master Plan and improve Provo’s quality of life.

1. Adopt complete streets as an official policy in the form of a intent statement.

2. Support the creation of a city bicycle coordinator position. (Fort Collins has had one since 1995, and Salt Lake and Ogden do as well.)

3. Support the allocation of dedicated funding for the construction of bicycling and pedestrian infrastructural improvements. This will help engineering go beyond making small incremental

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