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Provo Bike Committee in Salt Lake Tribune & Daily Herald

The recently passed Provo bike plan has gotten quite a bit of good press in the last few days, including articles in the Salt Lake Tribune and Daily Herald.

In the Salt Lake Tribune article, Provo Aiming to Become More Bike Friendly, reporter Donald Meyers talks about the forward-thinking plan to make Provo a gold-level cycling city:

“The Municipal Council’s recently approved General Plan includes a provision for tripling the amount of bicycle lanes and paths from 18 miles to 56. The goal: win the coveted gold-level status from the League of American Bicyclists.

Currently, the only Utah cities that have achieved any ranking with the league are Salt Lake City and Park City, both with bronze-level status.”

In the Daily Herald article, Provo Hoping to Create Bike-Friendly Community, reporter Genelle Pugmire discussed the funding opportunities that open to Provo because of the new plan:

“Now there is a plan in place, Whitmore said they can apply for a grant from “Safe Routes to School,” a federal biking program.

“I feel like they [the council] are very supportive of the bike committee. I’m very impressed, and it’s neat to see them attend our meetings,” Bradford said. He also said they hope to have many of the paths in place within the next five years. Ideally, the infrastructure would be made similar to the Provo River trail where the city would be networked with several of those types of connecting trails…”

Congrats, again, to the Provo Bicycle Committee for their support and the Municipal Council for passing an amazing bicycle plan for our city.

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