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Provo Bike Thefts Surge – Here’s How to Get Free Bike Registration

Bicycle Wheel Lock Bike Rack TireDozens of bikes have been stolen during the last few weeks and Provo police aren’t quite sure why thefts have surged.

The Daily Herald reports:

“According to a news release, Provo ‘is currently experiencing an unusual amount of bicycle thefts.’ Capt. Jerry Harper said that authorities are unsure what is behind the surge, but estimated that in the last couple of months roughly 80 thefts have been reported. Harper added that Provo normally has very few reported bike thefts.”

In addition to locking up, one of the best ways to safeguard your bike is to get it registered with the city. Show up at the City Center (351 W. Center) any time during regular business hours and get a bike registration sticker for just a dollar. You’ll be entered into a national registration system that the police can use to help return your bike should it be stolen.

Want to get your bike registration for free? Come to the National Night Out event at Kiwanis Park (820 N. 1100 East in Provo) Tuesday Aug 2nd from 6 to 8 p.m. An officer will be happy to help you get registered.

If you have information about the recent bike thefts, please report what you know to the police by calling (801) 852-6215. Families across the city and everyone here at bikeprovo will greatly appreciate your help!

Creative Commons License photo credit: cdsessums

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  1. remember to lock front wheels (quick release particularly) and also don’t think your side yard or front porch is safe. Sam and I are still mourning the loss of our 2 favorite bikes right off the front porch last summer.

    1. This is great advice. Also dont skimp on your lock. The $10 you save buying a cheap lock like cable will come back to bite you when it is clipped and your bicycle is gone. Support your LBS and get a good lock.

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