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Provo City Council Citywide Race (2011) – Gary Garrett and Yancee Hardy

Don’t forget to vote in the 2011 Provo city council election. You can find more information on the Provo city website.

Here’s how the citywide candidates responded to BikeProvo’s questions about making our city a better place for bicyclists and pedestrians:

Gary Garrett ( – No response

Yancee Hardy (

What vision do you have for on-street bicycle infrastructure in Provo? It’s pretty simple. Maintaining and enhancing existing bicycle infrastructure as well as creating more paths wherever possible. Obviously, there are cases where these improvements will come in conflict with the rights of property owners, but I believe these issues can often be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. The current initiative involving South State Street in Provo is a prime example. I am a firm proponent of property rights, so I would examine all proposals at length before making the most informed decision possible. Even after taking the rights of property owners into consideration, I believe our community can and ought to develop infrastructure for bicycles that leads the State.

What vision do you have for off-road trails and paths? More or less the same as above. In my view, off-road trails and paths are a valuable and attractive addition to the community.

Do you see bicycle infrastructure as an essential part of economic growth? Why or why not? Yes, absolutely. Particularly here in Provo where such a large portion of our population are students and young families.

In a recent survey, over 500 Provo residents named University Ave. as the top priority for new bike lanes. A transportation study done by an engineering consultancy group working in tandem with Provo’s engineering department and the Provo Bicycle Committee found that University Ave. was one of three major streets that need bike lanes in order to dramatically increase connectivity in the city. Last year, the council voted to include bike lanes on University Ave. as a part of the city’s general plan. If elected, will you continue this support of bike lanes on University Ave.? Yes.

Do you believe that more funding needs to be allocated to the transportation department for the development and maintenance of bicycle infrastructure? Why or why not? Yes. As I mentioned previously, bicycle infrastructure is a valuable and welcome addition to any community and I would argue that Provo has a far greater need for quality bicycle infrastructure than most cities given it’s unique population. However, I would only increase the allocation of resources if it could be done responsibly without compromising funding for essential services.

If elected, what will you personally do to make Provo more friendly and safe for families that ride their bikes on our streets and walk on our sidewalks? Advocate Bicycle Rights, seek opportunities to increase and improve Provo’s bicycle infrastructure, and regularly confer civic associations representing the needs of the bicycle community. Bicycle Rights!