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Provo Decoy Bikes: Bike Thief Bait

Unlocked bike in Roscoff!

The Provo City Council recently approved the use of two tech-savvy decoy bikes that will be used to catch local bike thieves in the act. The bicycles will be left around town to lure in would-be bike-nappers. When in use, they will be monitored by the Provo Police Department.

Fortunately, bike theft is a lot less common around here than it is in many of the larger cities. (In some places, people intentionally burn / spray paint / duct tape their expensive cycles, just to make them a less-appealing target…yikes!). However, we still get our share of problems every now and then. Most long term riders have had a bicycle stolen or know someone that has. Mayor John Curtis’ bike was even stolen a few months ago.

The bike decoys just may be the motivation bike thieves need to steer clear from the racks.

While the police are busy tracking down bike nappers,  you may want to register your bicycle with the city. It takes just a few minutes and it could help recover your bike if it is ever lost or stolen. All this for the cost of $1 and a relatively pain-free trip to the City Center.

Creative Commons License photo credit: nicksarebi

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  1. This is awesome! I know so many people that have been stolen from over the last few years. This will be great to bring some of the thieves to justice.

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