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Provo Developing Groundbreaking Bicycle Plan

Awkward, over-detailed bicycle symbol on the Pinellas Trail

Here’s the most exiting news of the year: Provo is currently working on a detailed bicycle plan that will make our city one of the best places to ride in the state.

Last year, Provo families worked hard to get the Provo Bicycle Map included in the city’s general plan. We succeeded, but now the city needs a final, in-depth study in order to make the map a reality. This new, detailed plan will help the city determine issues like route feasibility, bike lane funding,  and more.

The Daily Herald reports:

“…The project will produce a comprehensive bicycle facilities master plan for Provo and detail ways to connect existing and planned facilities among Provo and its surrounding communities. The plan will incorporate connections to multiple transportation modes…

The long-term transportation plan is to be able to bike from one end of the county to the other,” Price said. “Provo has done a lot and wants to do a lot more.”

The goals of the project include obtaining community consensus, making improvements to bicycle safety, analyzing current conditions, identifying funding sources, and developing standards for new facilities.”

The Provo Bike Steering Committee working on the plan includes members of the Provo Bicycle Committee, MAG representative Jim Price, Bike Committee Chairman Zac Whitmore, GIS Analyst Phil Uhl, Councilperson Sterling Beck, and many others.

The project is going to include a TON of opportunities for public feedback. So, keep checking the blog for your chance to help make Provo a better place for bikes and pedestrians.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dno1967b

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  1. Correction; “Provo is currently working on a detailed bicycle plan that will make our city one of the best places to ride… IN THE WORLD.” 🙂

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