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Provo Employees Ride Bicycles in Clear the Air Challenge

Provo City employees have been riding their bikes on errands and commutes as they compete in this year’s Clear the Air Challenge.

Following in the footsteps of Mayor Curtis (who challenged all Provo residents to ride their bikes this month), employees have been keeping track of their hours spent spent riding and emissions saved.

The Daily Herald reports:

“The advantages of riding a bike to work or on errands isn’t just about gasoline and emissions. Provo Mayor John Curtis says he enjoys his time on the bike.

‘Riding my bike to work is a great way to clear my head in the morning and work out any kinks in my day on the way home. The mountains, blue sky and tree-lined streets all look a little better from a bike seat than they do from a car seat,’ Curtis said.”

A shout out to Jenny Starley who has saved the most car miles in the competition so far. And, a huge congratulations to all of the employees that are setting a good example for Provo! Please take a few seconds to leave a comment of support on the Daily Herald article.

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