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Provo Police Department Reactivates Their Bicycle Team

Officers on bicycles are a huge benefit to any community: they are more accessible, can easily identify problems that can’t be seen from a car, and can better patrol areas like trails. The Provo bicycle community is so excited to note that several officers in our community are moving to two-wheels. Here’s the official scoop:

 On March 28th, 2012, at 3:00 pm, the Provo Police Department will reactivate their Bike Team, in an effort to pro-actively enforce the City of Provo.

This nine person Bike Team is a perfect fit for our Community Based Policing philosophy. Officers on this team will focus on pro-active enforcement in our neighborhoods. They will focus on quality of life issues that degrade our city and its citizens.

During officer’s proactive times, they will get out of their patrol car and hop on their police bicycle. An officer on a bicycle can have a different perspective then an officer in a patrol vehicle. Moving around a neighborhood can provide them more opportunities to meet the public face to face.

“The Bike-Team is just one more piece of the puzzle that fits into the Community Based Policing program. Each piece helps us to reinforce our vision and bring us closer to our citizens. This program will enhance the officer’s ability to be assertive in their policing, problem solving, and partnership efforts.” Rick Gregory, chief of police.

Officers will also focus on high incident areas that are inaccessible to officers in patrol cars, like the Provo River Trail. The Fourth of July Parade, bike rodeos, and pedestrian safety fairs will also be part of their special enforcement responsibilities.

Hurrah for Provo Bicycle Officers! We’re glad to have you keeping our streets safe!

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