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Provo Road Rally on Tuesday: Show up With Signs to Show Your Support of a Bicycle & Pedestrian Friendly Provo

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We haven’t asked for major help in a long time, but next Tuesday it is essential that we have a significant presence at the Provo City Council meeting. If you support a bicycle and pedestrian friendly city, we need your help! Now is the time to stand up and make a difference!

We are concerned about delays in the passage of the Provo Bicycle Plan (currently held up in committee and over a year past the anticipated adoption date). We also believe it is unreasonable to ask Provo residents to pay a “transportation fee” that doesn’t give consideration to all forms of transportation on our public roads. Residents will be required to pay the fee that is being discussed at Tuesday’s Provo City Council Meeting, yet the entire discussion about this fee to fund maintenance of public roads has only focused on automobiles.

We will be gathering to hold a “Road Rally” in front of the city council building on Center Street (351 W. Center Street) on Tuesday November 19th at 4:00 p.m. Please feel free to walk or bring your bicycle. We are asking Mayor Curtis and the Council to:

  • Pass the Provo Bicycle Plan as quickly as possible and pass the plan in tact without watering it down or applying unreasonable standards that are not applied to similar general plans.
  • Allocate 2% of the transportation fee funds to bicycle projects (the current mode share for bicyclists in Provo is 2.38%). Adding this to the proposed fee schedule would equal six cents a residence.

We want to have a friendly, cordial presence while showing that this is a quality of life issue that the residents of Provo care deeply about and are not giving up on. WE NEED YOU!

Please bring your friends, family, and kids and feel free to drop by even if you can only stay for a short period. Signs are particularly appreciated. Here are a few idea, but feel free to let your creative juices flow!

  • I Support Complete Streets in Provo
  • Bikes Belong on the Road Too
  • Make Streets for Everyone
  • Bicyclists and Pedestrians are Road Users Too
  • Support Safer Streets in Provo

Following the rally, we invite you to stay for the city council meeting and express your desire for a bicycle / pedestrian friendly Provo to your local elected officials during the public comment period (each speaker is allowed two minutes to speak).

The weather forecast for Tuesday is low 50s and clear. Hot cocoa will be provided! Take a look at the Facebook Event.

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