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Provo Working to Become Gold-Level Bicycle City & Add 60 Miles of New Bike Lanes!

Amazing things are happening for bikes in Provo thanks to the city council’s decision to include bike-friendly policies in the general plan. After such an impressive showing of bicyclists at last week’s city council meeting, the council voted for plan that will help Provo in two HUGE ways. Zac’s post Council Meeting a Success discussed the outpouring of support from local cyclists and the council’s positive reaction. Today’s post will give a quick overview of what the new plan means for our city.

1. Provo Will Seek Gold-Level Bicycle Friendly Status. The League of American Bicyclists recognizes cities that make an effort to be friendly to bicyclists by doing things like providing bike paths, ensuring bicycle safety on the roadways, and offering accessible bicycle parking at public places. Both Salt Lake and Park City are currently recognized as bicycle-friendly communities. Now, Provo will be working towards reciving gold-level status by making sure that bikes have a place in our city.

2. Provo Will Triple the Number of Bicycle Lanes. The council unanimously voted to include a forward-thinking bicycle map in the general plan. Going by this map, the city will essentially triple the number of bicycle lanes throughout Provo. Additionally, it will add more pedestrian pathways and trails. The bicycle map is a very big deal and it will dramatically improve the ability for cyclists to get out and enjoy the city safely.

We expect that these two changes will dramatically improve the quality of life in Provo, ease traffic congestion / parking problems, and make the downtown area an even better place to live!

This is good news for our city – please, pass this along to your friends and family so they can share in the anticipation of the incredible projects coming to our town!

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  1. woohoo! TRIPLE the number of bike lanes!? that is so awesome to hear!
    when will these lanes be put in I cant wait to get out there and use them!

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