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Reporting From the Bike & Brunch Tour

Last weekend, touring bike advocates Elly Blue and Joe Biel gave Provo an amazing presentation on bikes and bike economics at Muse Music. We gathered together to learn from their combined experience about bike advocacy from places around the country, watch some of Joe’s incredible short films, and devour a delicious vegan brunch from gourmet chef Joshua Ploeg.

The sidewalks of University Ave. were filled with dozens of bikes.

And, there was an impressive spread of independent books and zines on all sorts of bike topics, including Elly Blue’s brand new zine Bikenomics.

Following the event, many of the cyclists enjoyed a rigorous round of bike pollo. A huge thanks to our group of traveling bike advocates for coming a second year to Provo. Thanks to Muse Music for letting us use their fantastic space. And, thanks to everyone that came and made the afternoon a success.

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