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Reporting from the Bike Rodeo

Yesterday the Provo Bicycle Committee had a rip roarin’ good time volunteering at the Farrer Elementary Bike Rodeo. Families came from all over the neighborhood to register their bikes, learn about sharing the road, and ride like mad.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • $500 worth of helmets, donated from the Utah County Health Department, were given to kids that needed them.
  • Committee members Zac and Krista Whitmore provided hours of free professional tune-ups and basic repairs to kids riding broken or dangerous bikes. Dozens of bikes arrived at the rodeo with serious problems. Fortunately, our repair team biked in a stand and tons of tools. They did a truly amazing job of helping neighborhood kids get their bikes in working order for the spring.
  • Officer Hunter helped families register their bicycles at no cost, making it easier for bikes to be recovered if they are stolen or lost.
  • Councilman Sterling Beck helped the Webelos Scouts learn about basic bicycle maintenance and pass off several of their requirements. He looked very cute pumping up those tires. (Hey, we’re married. I can say that.)
  • Two BYU basketball stars showed up to greet the kids and sign their helmets. The kids were so excited and are already treasuring those celebrity-signed helmets. I wish I caught their names because they certainly should get some credit!
  • Most importantly, the kids had a wonderful time riding and learning about bicycles.

A big thanks to Sariah Hillam who put the whole shindig together and let the Bicycle Committee take part. Hopefully, the Bike Rodeo can be an annual neighborhood tradition. As we were leaving, one of the last little girls in the parking lot yelled out: “Wait! When will the next one be?”

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