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Ride Report 6/28-7/4- Share Your Cycling Experiences

Fire Circle
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Come on, you know you’ve had some sort of biking experience this week. Go somewhere fun? Find a new path? Get into some trouble on the road? Run over a squirrel? No matter how big or small, we want to hear about your cycling week. Help make this feature successful by writing a comment!


Happy Fourth of July everybody! I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying all the festivities going on. Also happy start of the Tour De France! I am not really a race type of guy but I do love the history and athleticism that is displayed during the Tour. This week has been a mixed week for riding. It seems I have been honked at a lot (more than likely due to the stress of getting to events on time in you car.) Ironically,  most of the people that have honked at me have ended up at the same destination as me 10 minutes or so after I was already locked up and started enjoying myself. The bicycle really is great for quick access to big events. The ride that I am going to share was a nice little ride around town with some non-Provonians.

My parents are in town this weekend to visit my daughter their granddaughter. Since they were in town they got invited to our Sunday bike ride. Our Sunday ride is something that we do every week with some friends in the neighborhood. We simply pick a direction and go discover Provo. This particular ride I threw both my mom and dad on beach cruisers and off we went. We kicked around south Provo then rode over to the Provo Cemetery to look at the old grave stones. From the cemetery we then road to downtown. It was really cool to see all the people lined up with their BBQ’s, tent’s, and even their T.V.’s and Guitar Hero. It was even cooler to see that part of downtown open only to pedestrians and bikes this weekend. When I was down there I began to think about Ciclovias, and Sunday Parkways. I began to think how awesome it would be if Provo did something like this once a month, or even just  a few times a summer, in the downtown area. Maybe we could move the Farmers Market to Center St. once a month and draw more people downtown and out of their cars.  Either way this was the ride that got me thinking the most and got me excited about bikes. This ride also made me excited for the next Provelo event as I was thinking about getting bicyclists together and having a good time.

We recieved high marks from the perspective of new riders both parents were qouted as saying the ride was “Beautiful and relaxing I wish I could do it more often” and, “It was enjoyable. Traffic was not great (too many cars) but, most drivers were courteous.” I know many of you went out last night and enjoyed the unofficial festivities of the pre-parade. I hope you will take some time to tell us all how it was.


One of the best parts about the holiday weekend is the chance to ride around town and check out the fun from a bicycle. Last night I too rode the Townie all around downtown and Center Street to take in the excitement.

Once I was done greeting the parade-reservers, I headed over to the BYU duck pond (not sure what that park is actually called). It was a beautiful, green summer day and I wished I had brought a picnic. I’m looking forward to checking out even more festivities on the Townie during the July 5th celebration.

Now it’s your turn…tell us about last week’s cycling adventures…

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  1. This past weekend I treated myself to a nice leg-stretching ride that bridged Utah and Salt Lake Valleys . . . and back. I started in Orem at 5:30 and made my way toward, and around, the North end of the lake. I worked my way to Saratoga Springs, where I met up with my brother on his fixie. We headed to Riverton (awesome bike lanes on Redwood Road 🙂 ) where our parents were going to ride the Tour de Riverton.

    We got bored of the pace of this 25-mile ride very quickly, so we did what we could to stay out in front. This ride took us about as far west as one can go without falling into the copper mines. Once back into Riverton, I said my farewells and headed to the Suncrest summit via Draper.

    After several miles of greuling, heart-rate-spiking death, I arrived at the summit and battled crosswinds on the descent. Winding through some backroads, I arrived at Burgess Park in Alpine, for a 4th of July celebration. I love the looks on my relatives faces when I show up to things on the bike. “What? You rode your bike how far?” they inquire with robotic-sounding voices. Yes, I did and I do.

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