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Rocketship Brainstorms Unique Designs for New Provo Bike Racks

Last month several bike committee members met with local design firm Rocketship to put our heads together and brainstorm ideas for the new downtown Provo bike racks.

Rocketship has very generously offered their time and talents to design unique bike racks for Provo, unlike those awkward tire-crushing monstrosities that you see cyclists struggling with every now and then.

During the meeting, we discussed the need for racks that allow cyclists to lock up to their bikes in several places, racks that were accessible without cluttering the sidewalks, and racks that had unique design elements. Some possibilities also included: racks with seat covers, racks that created a lit meeting space for cyclists, and racks that could be added onto existing elements in the downtown (like added onto a bench, for example).

No final decisions have been made. But, just take a look at some of the amazing initial designs Rocketship created for us below:

Do you have a favorite? Send us a note at bikeprovo@gmail(dot)com. Or, comment below.

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