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Salt Lake Improves Bikability…Will Provo Follow?

Recumbent bike lane?
Salt Lake is doing a lot to improve bikability throughout the city. A recent Deseret News story reports:

“…Even in the face of substantial budget cuts — possibly as large as $20 million — bicycles remain a priority for the mayor and his administration. Completing cycling-oriented projects in line with our vision for a highly bikeable capital city is a priority,” Becker said.

“Increasing the options for alternative transportation has always been a focus…Even in these tough economic times, we remain committed to increasing awareness of bicycle/motorist safety while also completing funded projects in Salt Lake City to promote biking as a safe and desirable transportation alternative.”

Salt Lake offers a thriving Bicycle Collective and is home to the Utah Bike Summit. This year they plan to add a bicycle transit center and add a number of bike lanes to repaved streets.

Provo has been lagging behind. But, with the renewal of the Provo Bicycle Committee Salt Lake may soon have some friendly competition.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ebis50

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