What Can Provo Learn from Fort Collins?

A couple years ago my husband and I made a trip out to Fort Collins, Colorado where we discovered that a city very similar to Provo has created a truly amazing bicycle culture. Students, families, seniors, and avid-cyclers were riding everywhere we looked. The cycling culture brought business to their bike-lined downtown, generated a very real sense of community, and gave the city some extremely favorable media attention (they were awarded the #2 spot in Money Magazine’s top 10 Places to Live 2008).

It can be a bit difficult when cycling advocates try to take on the same types of projects that Portland does – Provo and Portland are very different. However, Provo and Fort Collins are extremely similar in the ways that count. Both are medium-sized cities with generally flat roads, a historic downtown, a major university, and a snowy winter. If something can work for them, it can probably work for us.

Here are some of ways that Fort Collins has made cycling work in their city Continue reading