A five-lane road. This could be the future of 820 North in Provo if we don’t speak up against it. With a cost of $38m per mile and traffic counts that don’t justify the project, it’s unnecessary and unwise. Please email council@provo.org and express your concerns now! Decisions will be made regarding this at the city council meeting next week! For more info, see our article “The Case Against Provo City’s $75m 820 North Road Widening Project” at bikeprovo.org

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Two important meetings today! 1. BikeWalk Provo Monthly Meeting, 5pm, Provo City Community Development Conference Room, special presentations from Matt Parker of UDOT and Jim Price of MAG 2. Provo Residents against 820 North Widening, 7pm, Provo Recreation Center If you haven’t heard about the $75m widening of 820 North to five lanes, see our article about it at bikeprovo.org. The City Council will be deciding wether or not to approve the Transportation Master Plan that approves it next week. Please read up and contact your representative!

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You’re a Provo resident that cares about safe streets and wants to make a difference. Boy, do we have an opportunity for you! Provo City is holding its Transportation Master Plan Open House this Thursday, February 13 from 5pm-7pm at the Provo Rec Center. Please come and voice your desire for a safe and complete street network for biking, walking, and transit. Your voice matters!

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