Provelo and in the Daily Herald

A reporter and a photographer from the Daily Herald showed up to see how Provo families celebrate bicycling at this weekend’s Provelo picnic. The article, Bike Jousting Draws Fans in Provo, gives a great overview of the event and shares bicycling stories from the Miller family (that made a grand enterance on a tandem) and Jordan Englund (a local cyclist that rode from Washington to California last year).

Take a look at the article and don’t forget to come to next month’s Provelo picnic which will be even bigger and better. Zac will be doing a full update on the Provelo picnic soon – so, be sure to check back for more pictures and details.

Provelo was Bikealicious! Don't Miss the Next One!

The first-ever Provelo bicycle pinic was a huge success! Just over 40 people showed up on bikes to meet new friends and take advantage of the weather. We were particularly delighted to have quite a few newcomers join us after seeing signs posted on trails and at bike shops around town.

New friends sat together in the shade and under an umbrella to enjoy their picnic lunches and listened to some fantastic ukulele playing. There was quite a bit of snack sharing going on (aren’t bicyclists such generous people?).

Finally, everyone gathered together to enjoy the event you’ve all been dying to hear about…bike jousting!

Amazing photographer Trevor Chritensen was on hand to capture the fun and kindly gave us permission to use these photos he took. (It was too hard to pick just one!):

A huge thanks to everyone that worked to make the first Provelo a hit, especially Mad Dog Cycles, the Provo Bicycle Committte, the Whitmore family, and all of the friendly people that decided to take a chance by showing up.  Thanks for coming – we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Happy Provelo Day! Bike Picnic Tonight!

Don’t forget to pedal to the Provelo bicycle picnic tonight!

When: Saturday, June 26th. 6:00 p.m.

Where: Kiwanas Park

Provelo bike picnics, put on by the Provo Bicycle Committee, are a chance for everyone to get together and enjoy a good time with some truly outstanding company.

Simply pack a picnic and pedal on down to the park. You’ll be treated to:

– Booths from local bike shops offering helpful cycling information

– A delicious, old-fashioned watermelon eating contest

– Bike jousting (yup, it’s pretty much like it sounds)

– Lawn sports of all kinds (croquet anyone?)

– A bike obstacle course

– Bike crafts for the kids

– Pedal-powered smoothies benefiting the Bicycle Committee (yes, ice can be crushed with a bike).

– The opportunity to make some lasting friendships with like-minded cyclists.

This is a community event for everyone, whether you’re a racer, a town rider, a student, a family, or a group of miniature elephants that ride around on a tandem. Please come! And don’t forget to invite your friends and neighbors.

More information is available on the Facebook event page.