Provo Bike Committee in Salt Lake Tribune & Daily Herald

The recently passed Provo bike plan has gotten quite a bit of good press in the last few days, including articles in the Salt Lake Tribune and Daily Herald.

In the Salt Lake Tribune article, Provo Aiming to Become More Bike Friendly, reporter Donald Meyers talks about the forward-thinking plan to make Provo a gold-level cycling city:

“The Municipal Council’s recently approved General Plan includes a provision for tripling the amount of bicycle lanes and paths from 18 miles to 56. The goal: win the coveted gold-level status from the League of American Bicyclists.

Currently, the only Utah cities that have achieved any ranking with the league are Salt Lake City and Park City, both with bronze-level status.”

In the Daily Herald article, Provo Hoping to Create Bike-Friendly Community, reporter Genelle Pugmire discussed the funding opportunities that open to Provo because of the new plan:

“Now there is a plan in place, Whitmore said they can apply for a grant from “Safe Routes to School,” a federal biking program.

“I feel like they [the council] are very supportive of the bike committee. I’m very impressed, and it’s neat to see them attend our meetings,” Bradford said. He also said they hope to have many of the paths in place within the next five years. Ideally, the infrastructure would be made similar to the Provo River trail where the city would be networked with several of those types of connecting trails…”

Congrats, again, to the Provo Bicycle Committee for their support and the Municipal Council for passing an amazing bicycle plan for our city.

Provo Bicycle Committee Meeting This Thursday

Join the Provo Bike Committee for their bi-monthly meeting to help advocate for bicycle lanes and plan some really amazing events for the fall! There are a lot of exciting things happening right now and a lot to celebrate since the bike lane plan passed at last week’s council meeting! This is your chance to get involved.

When: Thursday, August 12 from 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Where: Provo City Center (351 W Center St.), council offices

Everyone that lives in the valley or is interested in bikes or just feels like sitting in is invited! Seriously, that means you.

The Bicycle Committee meets in the Municipal Council Room on the 2nd floor. Learn more on the Bike Commitee Meeting Facebook Event or the Bike Committee website.

Provo Bicycle Committee Presents Bike-Friendly Ideas to Provo City Council

This Tuesday the Provo Bicycle Committee ( was invited to present their progress and ideas at the city council study meeting. Committee chairman Zac Whitmore did an excellent job of giving an update on the many Committee projects and getting the council members excited about the need for a bicycle and pedestrian map in the general plan.

Zac showed a photo presentation of many of the Committee’s best events including bike tune-ups at the Farrer Elementary bicycle safety rodeo, Provelo bicycle picnic series, the Committee’s table at the Bike-to-Work-Day breakfast, and family / community bicycle rides.

He also expressed to the council just how urgent a bicycle plan is for our city. Other cities including Salt Lake and Park City have comprehensive plans. Orem’s plan is almost complete. Now is the time for Provo to act. As Zac explained, a focus on bicycle and pedestrian transportation will reduce traffic congestion, ease parking problems, improve our (sometimes dangerous) air quality, strengthen our neighborhoods, and improve our downtown.

The council seemed quite supportive of the ideas expressed. Council Chair Johnson explained that she had taken the Mayor’s bicycle challenge and was surprised at how difficult it is to ride in some parts of the city. Councilwoman Dayton expressed interest in helping Provo recieve some of the funds available to help cities study their transportation plans and find ways to make roads safer for bicycles.

The Bicycle Committee was appreciative of the opportunity to share thier ideas and is looking forward to the inclusion of the bicycle map when the city council votes on the general plan.

To see a video of the Bicycle Committee presentation, take a look at Provo Channel 15 – Item 5a.

Provo Bicycle Committee Meeting TOMORROW

What: Provo Bicycle Committee Meeting (anyone who wants to show up is in the committee)

When: Thursday, June 24th at 5:00 p.m.

Where: Provo City Center, 351 W. Center St. We meet in the Municipal Council Room on the 2nd floor.

Join us for the Provo Bike Committee meeting on Thursday and help us plan some really amazing events for the summer! There are a lot of exciting things happening right now and this is your chance to get involved.

Everyone that lives in the valley or is interested in bikes or just feels like sitting in is invited! Seriously, that means you.

If you come, you’ll be one of the first to get the answers to these questions:

  • Which Provo celebrity will be riding his bike all summer and detailing the adventures for the public?
  • What are the juicy details of Provelo – the new summer series of must-attend bike picnics?
  • What new bike lanes / paths is the city working on?
  • What, exactly, is bike jousting?

If you’ve never attended, this meeting is the perfect opportunity. It’s a friendly group and a great way to meet some like-minded people while sharing your opinion.