Provo Bicycle Collective

The New Provo Bicycle Collective Needs Your Donations Today!

DSCN1370Get ready for the most exciting bicycle news of the year: a bicycle collective is almost ready to start up in Provo. If you haven’t heard of a bicycle collective, you’re in for a treat. These non-profit groups offer residents a place to learn about bikes, use tools and space for repairs, and even buy restored used bicycles for cheap. With our family and student population, this is a project that will benefit Provo for years to come.

After months of planning, the new Provo Bicycle Collective is ready to start up. But, they need your help! By donating whatever you can (even if it’s just $5), you can help them afford the first month’s rent and set up costs. They already have tons of tools and bikes. Now, make the bike collective dream a reality by contributing to the cause.

You can donate any amount by contacting one of the representatives listed on the donation Facebook page. Thanks for your willingness to support bikes in Provo!

Creative Commons License photo credit: oneillkza

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