foldable fender

I hope some of you out there got a chance to soak up some of this amazing weather we have had today! It finally feels like winter has passed us and spring is on the way (hopefully!).

But as much I would like to hope that the good weather is around the corner, growing up here I know that there are going to be some spring rain showers coming through. Which means that there is one thing that is going to make or break a ride for me, fenders. Fenders are a simple way to keep dry, and while I initially resisted fenders when I first started riding due to the fact that I only really needed them on every odd day or so that it rained I eventually broke down and picked some up at a local bike shop.

Boy were those fenders a revelation! I came to really appreciate having those fenders as snow melted on my commute or a spring shower rolled through but still found them somewhat awkward for my tastes to have year round. Ultimately I wanted fenders when it was wet, and didnt want them when it was dry. I needed something that was easy to take on and off yet also be able to be stored away in my bag while at school. Which is why the fender that I have been using for the past 5 months or so has been a perfect solution.

enter the full windsor quick fix fender, a perfect solution for me that allowed me to quickly attach a fender for when I needed it and quickly take it off and stash it in my bag for when I didnt need it. whats extra nice about this fender that other types of foldable/packable fenders have is that it gives more than ample coverage for the nastiest of conditions. And while some of the winter salt has corroded the metal snaps and the plastic has scuffed up a little (more from being in my bag than for being actually used) it has been great to have and given me that extra peace of mind that I will be covered if the weather suddenly decides to not cooperate.

Tips for the new cyclist

I have only been a full-time cycling commuter for the past 3-4 years. I found it very intimidating to enter into the world of cycling; and I was living in Portland, OR. I was afraid of getting hit by cars and going over hills. Being out in the open on two wheels gave me a lot of anxiety. Luckily I had a great friend who was there to guide me and show me the ropes. Provo is a growing city and is heading towards the right direciton into becoming a bike-friendly city. That is why BikeProvo and your friends at the Provo Bicycle Collective are here to help you.

Here is a video about overcoming your fears for the new cyclist. Everyone has to start sometime. We all have the same fears, but hopefully we can work together to make Provo more bike-friendly and safe.