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Volunteers Needed

(Yes Provo is under all of that. Photo DailyHerald.)

You know that thick cloud of pollution that settles in on our beautiful little city every winter? Remember how on some days the air is so toxic that you can not ride you bicycle with out health effects? Well so does Provo City, and this month they are going to do something about it. The first of which is some tabling at the Latino Festival downtown this weekend. We received the following email from George Handley explaining what will be happening;

I don’t know if you or anyone else in your biking organization would be interested in helping me on Labor Day weekend, but I thought I would ask.  Provo City Mayor John Curtis has declared September “Idle-Free Awareness Month.”  For more information, see  As part of this campaign, we are manning a booth at the Festival Latinoamericano in downtown Provo this Labor Day weekend (for more information  I have need of volunteers who would be interested in manning the booth, answering basic questions about idling, and, if possible and when necessary, doing so in Spanish, although Spanish is not required.  Of course, this is also a great opportunity to advocate for more biking!  The bottom line is we want to encourage people to commit to avoiding unnecessary idling (usually idling for more than 10 seconds) and showing that commitment by taking a window cling to put on their car.  It’s easy.

Please let me know by email ( as soon as possible if you might have time to volunteer.  The festival runs in the evening on Friday, September 2, all day on Saturday, September 3, and all day on Monday, September 5.
George Handley

Well there you have it Provo. A great opportunity to talk about bikes and help people understand how we can all breathe a little easier. Make sure to email Mr. Handley ASAP so he can get you set up with a time and fill you in on the booth’s location.

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