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Walk To School Day At Farrer Elementary

Provo is a beautiful city.  We are lucky to also have wonderful residents and community leaders who strive daily to make Provo a better place to live.

One such exceptional resident is Sariah Hillam. Bike Provo and the Provo Bicycle Committee have worked with this wonderful woman on other projects for Farrer Elementary and we have seen the amazing care she puts into this community. She works hard to see our community children get the things they need.  We are grateful to work with Mrs. Hillam and hope that all of us living in Provo can strive to work as hard as she does for this city.

Sariah and her daughter biked to school (even with overcast and rainy). Go team Hillam!

The Provo Bicycle Committee was able to step up and help Farrer Elementary school once again last week.  Farrer Elementary had a Bike and Walk to school day that promoted healthy living through exercise.  Each year they encourage their students to get outside and enjoy their commute to school by foot. The Bike Committee was on hand to pass out stickers and congratulate those students who helped their parents make the choice to leave the cars at home. The Bicycle Committee was also able to take part in an assembly that addressed several safety issues that might arise in a young elementary students daily life, including safety at school, safety when riding bikes and walking to school and internet safety. The Provo Bicycle Committee went over the laws of the road and the importance of wearing a helmet when riding. It was exciting to see how many of the students had bikes!

Last but not least the Provo Bicycle Committee was able to help stand in for some no-shows by guest starring as Faux Paw, the internet safety kitty.

For a cold morning it got rather warm in that suit 🙂

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