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What a Beautiful Day It Must Have Been

We all know that Portland is an incredible place for bicycles, and we here at BIkeProvo try not to over emphasize this point. However, sometimes there are just some amazing things that must be shared to show all of us how it could be. Over the last week or two Portland has been in the middle of their annual Pedalpalooza. It is similar to our Bike Week but goes on for 17 days and has a bicycle event happening every two hours or so throughout the whole day and into the night (one day Provo one day). If you want to be really jealous you can see the schedule here or read about one of BikeProvo’s good friend’s experience with it here.

Every Sunday Portland does something called Sunday Parkways. The city shuts down roads in a certain area and makes it safe for bikers to come out in full force and enjoy different neighborhoods in the city. This last Sunday Parkway was a huge success, and ‘saw tens of thousands of people enjoy activities in the parks, food and wares from local vendors, and much more.‘ I highly recommend heading over to BikePortland and checking out the glowing review as well as the wonderful pictures. (All photos come from

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