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WOW, Thats About All I Can Say.

No Nothing
Creative Commons License photo credit: r.f.m II

If you have not already heard the City of Blackhawk in Colorado has banned bicycling from many of its roads saying that bicycling is not safe (even though there is a zero fatality record concerning bicycles). The order comes straight from Mayor David Spellmen who holds the title of one of Colorado’s most corrupt public official. This is the same guy who had felony charges put against him for pistol whipping his wife in 2006.

As it was stated on Austin on Two Wheels;”Safety. Yeah. Right. Do you know what the number one cause of accidental deaths in the US is? Cars, not bicycles. Do you know the leading cause of all deaths? Heart disease brought on a sedentary lifestyle that involves driving everywhere you go. If they really cared about the health and well being of their citizens, Black Hawk would ban cars, not bikes.” Here are some numbers to go along with the qoute.

One of the biggest bummers about this is that one of the main streets that has banned bicycles is a major connector for a popular cycle touring route. Getting caught riding a bicycle on any of the banned streets will get you a $68 ticket. If you want to help the city know that this ban is ridiculous here is an email address;

Thank you Provo for letting us ride bicycles and enjoy our beautiful city in any way we see fit.

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  1. What a lame face. What’s really sad is that they’re only 35 miles away from Boulder, the complete opposite in terms of bicycle friendliness. Good family ride tonight, BTW.

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