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Yes, We Are Still Alive.

With the end of summer we have all been starting either new jobs or new semesters. It is good to be back now that things have leveled out a bit. We have had a ton of emails with suggested material so, with out further waiting , here is what you have been missing.

To start with there is a great post over at lovelybike about proper bicycle/clothing protection. It is sad that we do not see more of these accessories come stock on bicycles. However I have a pattern for the skirt guard idea if you are interested just let us know.

Moving from form to function there were two great advocacy articles that have been put out. One that comes by way of EcoVelo is a scientific study that shows the health benefits of active transportation. I think that we all know that bicycle riding two miles as opposed to driving two miles is going to have health benefits. However, the interesting thing is that at the end of the article the researchers petition for more attention and money to be spent on active transportation. The second advocacy piece comes from BikePortland. This is a great piece on the benefits bicyclists have on local economies as long as they have safe access to the areas were they can spend money. If you know anyone downtown that should read this article make sure to send it over to them.

This last link is just a way for me to coupe with my jealousy. Copenhagenize decided to show off and map bicycle shops that are within 7 minutes riding distance from his house. He came up with 27 neighborhood shops and even  admitted that he might of missed some. I am not sure if there are even this many shops between Provo and Salt Lake.

Hopefully you will find some fun stuff within the links then do like I do and spend an hour or so learning something new about bicycles. On that note our very own Trevor Christensen went to NYC a few weeks ago. He ended up at Rapha (check out the continental ride videos) and got to take pictures of the ever witty BikeSnobNYC. You are a lucky man Trevor a lucky man indeed. I hope that this weekend treats you all well and that you continue to have smooth rolling as Fall (also known as the best season ever) gets closer and closer.

p.s. Dont forget about the Bike Extravaganza happening this coming Tuse. at the Provo Library.

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