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You're Invited: Provelo Bike Picnic

Don’t miss the most exciting series of the summer – Provelo! Provelo bike picnics, put on by the Provo Bicycle Committee, are a chance for everyone to get together and enjoy a good time with some truly outstanding company.

What: Provelo Bike Picnic. Pack your dinner and pedal on down to the park.

When: Saturday, July 31, 2010. 6:00 p.m.

Where: Paul Reams Wilderness Park (1600 W. 500 N.)

During our July event, you’ll be treated to:

– Booths from local bike shops offering helpful cycling information

– A delicious, old-fashioned watermelon eating contest

– Bike jousting (yup, it’s pretty much like it sounds)

– Lawn sports of all kinds (croquet anyone?)

– A bike obstacle course

– Bike crafts for the kids

– Pedal-powered smoothies benefiting the Bicycle Committee (yes, ice can be crushed with a bike).

– The opportunity to make some lasting friendships with like-minded cyclists.

Take a look at the recap of the June Provelo to see how much fun these picnics are. This is a community event for everyone, whether you’re a racer, a town rider, a student, a family, or a group of miniature elephants that ride around on a tandem. Please come! (Also, take a look at the Provelo Facebook Event page).

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[…] What a beautiful summer week it was especially for bike riding! I saw so many cyclists on the road this week and it was definitely a welcome sight! For my report this week I am just reporting on a simple ride I went on with someone special.  I was able to take my wife out on a date this week.  We rode slow and talked about how beautiful Provo was.  We talked about how great it will be (in the near future) to hop on the train and head up to Salt Lake. We arrived at the movie theater and parked right next to the entrance of the mall. There was no driving around looking for open parking just a quick lock up and we were able to head into the movie.  We saw Inception (it was AWESOME). It turned out to be a great day, and I was reminded of how wonderful a 2 mile bike ride can be with someone special. I had another ride this last week that ended up in an injured hand so this post will stay short. However, if you go back to last weeks ride report Brad basically challenged everyone here to a duel. How will you answer? Either way make it a good week and do not miss Provelo on Saturday. […]

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