BikeWalk Provo’s World-famous Biking Tour of Provo

At the start of this pandemic, we released a walking tour map that shows you some of Provo’s best examples of walkability and areas for improvement. We’ve done the same thing for biking. And today, we’re sharing that map with you.

This route primarily uses Provo’s low-stress bike network and is designed to be comfortable for people of all experience levels. It showcases bike routes from the low speed and low traffic bicycle boulevard on 300 West to protected bike lanes on Cougar Boulevard. We encourage you to go ride it with family and friends today!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: BikeWalk Provo, @moveutah, @utahtransportation, @byugeography, @byuengineering, and @apautah are excited to host @schmangee presenting the ideas about the epidemic of increasing pedestrian deaths from her @island_press book “Right of Way.” Hit that link in our bio and register now!

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BikeWalk Provo Welcomes Angie Schmitt for “Right of Way” Webinar

BikeWalk Provo, along with UDOT’s Move Utah, BYU Geography, BYU Civil and Environmental Engineering, and American Planning Association’s Utah Chapter is pleased to host a conversation with writer and safe streets expert Angie Schmitt via Zoom on October 29 at 4pm.

Angie will give a 30-minute presentation focusing on the ideas expressed in her new book, Right of Way: Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America. She will then take questions from participants.

This webinar will be of interest to transportation engineers, urban planners and designers, safe streets activists, and public policy makers. APA members will receive CM credit for participating. Please register and buy Angie’s book today!


BUY ANGIE’S BOOK HERE – We will give out a discount code during the webinar

Angie Schmitt is one of the country’s best known writers and experts on the topic of sustainable transportation. She was the long-time national editor at Streetsblog and her writing has appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Bicycling, GOOD, Landscape Architecture Magazine, and a number of other publications. She lives in Cleveland with her husband and two children.

Right of Way unveils a crisis that is rooted in both inequality and the undeterred reign of the automobile in our cities. It challenges us to imagine and demand safer and more equitable cities, where no one is expendable.

BikeWalk Provo Stories: we need your stories!

BikeWalk Provo director Mary Wade rides UVX with her kids

BikeWalk Provo is launching a social media campaign to highlight people who walk, bike, roll, or ride transit in Provo–showing the vast diversity of people who use sustainable forms of transportation in Provo.

We’d like to tell the world your story! Please fill out this form so we can share your story.

Bike to School Week is Here

Bike to School Week 2020 starts Monday! We’re working with Provo schools and bike shops to encourage biking to school. Read through these flyers and follow the included instructions to get a prize for biking to school! Huge thanks to the local bike shops who are sponsoring this activity.

See more info and enter to win prizes here.

Desire lines. If urban designers are smart, they will pay attention to what their residents want and design for that. This @provo.parks river trail “exit” to Riverside Plaza (Maceys, Target, Ace Hardware, etc.”) shows that people would like easier access to those businesses. And we hope @provo.parks will take this into consideration in its updates to the Provo River Trail.

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