Board of Directors

Dave Harding – President

Jamie Littlefield – Vice President

Marsha Judkins – Treasurer

Dakota Froisland – Secretary

I graduated from UVU in Public Health Education wanting to develop a better and healthier community for my family to grow into. Little did I know that a broken timing belt and a HOT summer day would lead me there. 
After my truck’s air conditioning stopped functioning a few years ago, I started using public transit to get to work. I figured that UVX has wonderful air-conditioning and the walk to the stations would be a bonus. After a few months of walking and riding UTA from south Provo to UVU, I acquired a road bike and cannot go back! I have ridden in snow, rain, and blistering heat and LOVED every mile. I have since started taking my daughters on rides around our neighborhood and loved seeing the smiles on their faces when cruising on our bikes. Biking and walking transformed my life, and I am hoping to help others do the same. That is why I am excited to be a part of BikeWalk Provo, to help advocate for and develop a healthier, happier, and safer Provo community for my family and others. Oh, and my trucks air conditioning is still non-functioning, and I don’t mind one bit.

Lucy Ordaz Sanchez

Austin Taylor