Volunteer Staff


Christine Frandsen, Executive Director

After being inspired by cycling  and walking culture in other countries, the Frandsens moved to downtown Provo in 2018 and soon after purchased a used cargo bike. From grocery store runs to school drop-off, walking and biking in Provo has added freedom and joy to the everyday parts of life. As executive director, Christine enjoys engaging with elected officials, partner organizations, and motivated volunteers to progress active transportation initiatives in Provo. Christine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Public Relations from BYU and works as a product marketing manager for a healthcare technology company.

Chelsea Silva

Chelsea Silva, Communications Director

Impressed by Provo’s biking infrastructure and wanting to give back to the community, Chelsea joined BikeWalk Provo in 2021. She likes to ride her bike to do quick errands for the adventure and the relaxation that comes with riding. Chelsea has a Masters of Science in Environmental Sciences & Policy and she works remotely as an environmental social science researcher with Purdue University.

Aaron Skabelund, Operations Director

Aaron Skabelund helped to revive the Provo Bicycle Committee in 2008, and establish the Campus Bicycle Committee at Brigham Young University a few years later. He loves his day job as a historian of modern Japan at BYU and the opportunities that it has given him to see great biking and walking cities around the world and have the time to advocate for active transportation and transit in Provo.

Kira Johnson – Volunteer Coordinator

Kira first got involved with BikeWalk Provo in 2017 as a student at BYU. Her daily bike commute inspired her to advocate for safer streets, and thankfully there was a group of engaged citizens organizing that advocacy. Outside of her work as director of Provo Bicycle Collective, Kira enjoys going on walks and hikes with her dog, jumping in the river, birdwatching, playing chess, making food with friends, and watching a good 90’s rom-com.

Clark Pixton, Research and Data Director

When he and his family moved to Provo, Clark chose to get a bike instead of a second car. Little did he know how a daily bike commute would change his view of his community and add new depth to his life.

Professionally, Clark is a data scientist at Zoba, where he works to help urban mobility companies understand demand patterns and increase ride volume. He holds a PhD in Operations Research from MIT.


Newsletter Editor: Karen Todd

Social Media Manager: (position vacant)

BikeWalk Provo Stories Project Lead: Stan Morris

Content Creators: Adam Norris, Serena Raymond, Daniel Jensen, Alistor Skabelund (videos), James Stewart (infographics)

Website Manager: Todd Greener, Lindsay Greener

Hispanic Community Localization: Summer Adams

Utah Valley Trails Alliance Representative: Chris Wiltsie

BYU Bike Committee Representative: Aaron Skabelund, Lori Spruance

Provo City TMAC Representative: TBD

Bike Shop Liaison: Adam Norris

Project Managers


Center Street Redesign: vacant

UVX 900 East UVX Stop: Jamin Rowan

800 North: Eric Chase

Complete Streets Policy: Aaron Skabelund

Geneva Road Redesign: Erin Pyne


Tactical Urbanists (aka Urban Repair Squad; aka BikeWalk Provo Public Works Department): McCord Lethco, Banks DuPaix, Brittain Corbett, and many more who will not be named

Safe Routes to School Leads: Mary Wade, Heather Skabelund, and Jon Felt

Active Transportation Tour Guide: James Hall

Bike Parking Consultants: Jacob Raymond and Spencer Smith

Service Project Organizers: Chelsea Silva and Jake Dustin


Women’s Bike Summit Organizer: Mary Wade

Bike Month Organizer: Aaron Skabelund and Melissa Porter

Bike to School Week Organizer: Hugh VanWagenen

Research and Data

Infographics: James Stewart

Bike and Pedestrian Count: Clark Pixton

Mapping: Brittain Corbett